Magento 2 Solr Bridge

Since 2011, we have developed our first version Solr Search module for Magento 1.x. By such years of experiences we have released new module Solr Search Module for Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Matching logic: Absolute match search (if no result found goto) => Relative match search (if no result found) => Spellcheck search


#1 - Suggestion in Categories like Amazon

Solr Suggestion in departments like Amazon

#2 - Quick products paging directly on Search popup

Solr Suggestion product paging in search popup

#3 - Spell checking/Did you mean

Solr Spell Checking

#4 - Boost search results by product attributes


#5 - Boost search results by product search weight


#6 - Categories filter rendering as Hierachy

Layer navigation category filter rendering as hierachy

#7 - Multiple values selection filter

Layer navigation multiple values filter

#8 - Dropdown filter rendering

Layer navigation filter rendering as dropdown

#9 - Ajax filtering


#10 - Install and configuration made easy

Magento 2 Solr Cloud Search Settings


Please kindly take a moment to read the terms and conditions, and check the demo page carefully before you make purcharse. We assume that you agree with our terms and conditions when you make the purchase.

The module will be sent to the email you use to make payment.

450 EUR

450 EUR

Contact information:
Name: Hau Danh
Email: [email protected]
Release history: 


WEDNESDAY, JULY 08 2020 (version 2.3.9)

1 - Fixed index issue for group product, custom options, multiple values, sorting fields.

2 - Tested for Magento 2.3.5-p1, and Solr 8.5.2.


FRIDAY, APRIL 24 2020 (version 2.3.5)

1 - Impove spell checking and did you mean feature

2 - Add new language config set for French

3 - Change to composer install instead of app/code as previous version

Please see demo here https:/  

For installation guide:


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 05 2020 (version 2.3.4)

1 - Completely rebuilt the module structure to follow Magento 2 Search framework (Search engine mechanism)

2 - Work with both category page and search page out of the box

3 - Fast autocomplete search made easy (automatically called direct php without load Magento stuff like search/ajax/suggest, without any nginx/apache configuration as previous version)

4 - Autcomplete keyword suggestion in category like Amazon search

5 - No any addtional template or layout files (used all default Magento templates, layout files such as

Please see demo here https:/


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 2018 (version 2.0.3)

1 - Implemented SOLR 7.x compatibilty.

2 - Implemented matching Logic (Absolute match search => if no result found go to => Relative match search => if no result found go to spellcheck(did you mean)


FRIDAY, JANUARY 26 2018 (version 2.0.3)

1 - Improve Magento Coding standard (PRS-2)

2 - Implemented Solr Server Authentication


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15 2017 (version 2.0.2)

1 - Fixed multiple stores issue for autocomplete

2 - Implement advanced mode autocomplete (allow filter directly on search popup)

3 - Fixed mobile css issue for autocomplete popup

4 - Add new setting Image Thumb Size for autocomplete search

5 - Add feature Multiple options select for Layer Navigation (allow user to select multiple options when filter)

6 - Implemented search term redirect to URL (Default search compatible)



1 - Fixed issue SKU search

2 - Implement feature Replace Catalog Category Layer Nav

3 - Fixed php general warnings