Magento 2 SolrCloud Search Extension

Magento 2 extension

Apache Solr is a great features, open source, popular and performance search engine server for Websites. It has been trusted by a plenty of bigs websites (see public sites using Solr

A brief of Apache Solr versions history:
  • First version is 1.3 (2008), v1.4 (2009).
  • Solr 3.x (2011)
  • Solr 4.x (2012)
  • Solr 5.x (2015)
  • Solr 6.x (2016)
  • Solr 7.x (2017)
  • Solr 8.x (2019) and current lastest version is Solr 8.4.1

SolrCloud is a flexible distributed search and indexing search engine which provides a scalable, high availability 99.99% uptime search database (index). See more detail about Solr Cloud in official Apache website




#1 - Suggestion in Categories like Amazon

Solr Suggestion in departments like Amazon

#2 - Quick products paging directly on Search popup

Solr Suggestion product paging in search popup

#3 - Spell checking/Did you mean

Solr Spell Checking

#4 - Boost search results by product attributes


#5 - Boost search results by product search weight


#6 - Categories filter rendering as Hierachy

Layer navigation category filter rendering as hierachy

#7 - Multiple values selection filter

Layer navigation multiple values filter

#8 - Dropdown filter rendering

Layer navigation filter rendering as dropdown

#9 - Ajax filtering


#10 - Install and configuration made easy

Magento 2 Solr Cloud Search Settings


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450 EUR

450 EUR

Contact information:

Name: Hau Danh
Skype: hau.danh
Release history: 


FRIDAY, APRIL 24 2020 (version 2.3.5)

1 - Impove spell checking and did you mean feature

2 - Add new language config set for French

3 - Change to composer install instead of app/code as previous version

Please see demo here https:/  

For installation guide: